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31/3/14<br />
Andrew Murphy, |chief Commercial Officer Shannon Airport, Maria Macken, Ryanair and Neil Pakey, CEO at Shannon Airport Authority on hand to help launch Ryanair summer schedule from Shannon airport with nine new routes.<br />
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Shannon Airport will enter significant growth mode this week as nine new routes commence in five days in a major boost for tourism and business interests here as well as for passengers seeking access to some of Europe’s leading destinations.<br />
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Less than 15 months after the airport was made independent,  Shannon will enjoy its biggest week in almost a decade in terms of new route start-ups as Ryanair launches new services, to Munich, Paris, Faro, Warsaw, Krakow, Nice, Poitiers, Berlin, Fuerteventura, while Aer Lingus Regional kicks-off a new Bristol service.<br />
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The 2014 summer season, which officially begins in April, will see 16 service enhancements at Shannon, including the nine new routes.  Among the enhanced services is the now year-round Aer Lingus New York service which commenced yesterday, Sunday.  This will be a six times weekly service and is the first time Aer Lingus will have operated year-round on New York since 2009.<br />
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Aer Lingus also yesterday started a new twice weekly Malaga service, which will add to the significantly expanded European network to and from the airport this year.<br />
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