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Bóthar has launched its Easter appeal, asking people to play a part in rebuilding lives in some of the most deprived regions of the world through the gift of food and income producing flock of chickens. <br />
The Irish International Development Agency, is training families in how to care for flocks of chickens and providing them with the birds as well as free veterinary back-up, in communities across Africa, Asia and South America.  <br />
The chicks, once they reach maturity, can lay up to 200 eggs per year, giving the family not just a key source of nutrition but also enabling them sell eggs and generate income that goes towards school fees and clothing.  The chickens also provide a key source of manure to help enrich crops.<br />
A donation of €190 will purchase an entire flock of chickens or alternatively donors can purchase a share of a flock for just €50. <br />
Pictured announcing the appeal are Limerick lads Alex age 3 and Luke Finucane age 6. Pic Sean Curtin Photo.