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20/3/2103 .If first impressions last then Ireland put its best foot forward for sure at Shannon Airport today. As part of The Gathering celebrations hundreds of US visitors were surprised with dawn dancing, traditional Irish style, a preview of a new tourism initiative ?Spirit of Connemara?. The passengers may have disembarked sleepily from an overnight flight from the east coast but they had their eyes quickly opened to what they can expect 'Out West' this summer as Sean-Nós sensation Emma O'Sullivan and the Mulkerrins Brothers from the Aran Islands put on the 5am musical treat in the baggage hall at the airport. ..The performance was organised to mark the launch of 'Spirit of Connemara', a specially tailored Irish culture tourism package for the Gathering this September that will showcase the very best talent of Connemara cultural traditions, from folklore to history and Irish language to music and dance...Sean Nos dancer Emma O'Sullivan at the airport.  Pic Sean Curtin Photo.