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12/4/2015 <br />
The worlds largest aircraft touches down at Shannon Airport.<br />
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Niall Maloney, Airport Operations Director at Shannon Airport and Seamus Kelly, Airport Operations pictured with the Antonov while on the tarmac at Shannon.<br />
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Shannon Airport is the destination for aviation enthusiasts from across the country as the world’s largest aircraft, the Antonov 225, proves a star attraction again following its overnight arrival. <br />
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The giant aircraft, which was built to carry the then Soviet Union’s space shuttle between launch and landing sites, landed for a transit stop at 2:45a.m. on Sunday morning from Bangor International Airport and, true to form, is attracting droves of onlookers to Shannon today as it dwarfs anything else on the airfield. The aircraft is due to depart Sunday evening at 10p.m. for Châteauroux Airport, France. <br />
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Pic Sean Curtin Photo.