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26/02/2013.Chantelle McCarthy from Corpus Christi National School in Moyross, Limerick celebrate Lent by encouraging their classmates to donate to the Trocaire Box. People from Limerick and the surrounding dioceses of Limerick, Killaloe, Cashel & Emly, which include Co Limerick, donated a combined  ?651,556.61 to Trocaire's Lenten campaign last year, a remarkably generous contribution that is building stronger communities across Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America...This year's Trocaire Box features a picture of  Ambika Paraja (9), a little girl whose life would be very different without donations from the people of Limerick. Ambika is from Jhilligoan community, a tribal village in east India. For years Jhilligoan's people struggled to grow food on poor land and had no knowledge about how to improve their situation. In 2006, Trocaire, working through local community organisations, helped Jhilligoan advocate for their rights and to work with the local government to improve their village. The community now has clean water, a road, a basic school, a local health worker and is farming more successfully.  Picture: Sean Curtin Photo.