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25/2/14 <br />
18th Baron Inchiquin, Conor O’Brien, descendant of Brian Ború and the mayor of Clare Joe Arkins launching the Trails Guide that features information on the important sites and buildings associated with Boru and the O’Briens, including Kincora, Bunratty Castle, Clare Abbey, Lough Derg and Dromoland Castle.<br />
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Historical sites in County Clare relating to the life and times of Brian Boru are promoted in a newly developed guide marking the 1000th anniversary of the death of the Last High King of Ireland.<br />
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In the 10th century, Brian Boru - one of the most influential and colourful characters in Irish history - was born in Killaloe, Co. Clare. A member of a powerful Dalcassian tribe he went on to become High King of Ireland and ruled from his palace at Kincora in Killaloe. He died in 1014 after an emphatic victory over the Vikings in the Battle of Clontarf. His descendants became the mighty O’Brien clan - one of the greatest Gaelic clans whose influence extends to this day.<br />
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