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Ray Hogan, Fire Fighter, Rathkeale County Limerick at Limerick Fire and Rescue Services Demonstration Day.<br />
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Limerick Fire and Rescue Service held a Demonstration Day at Mulgrave Station to outline and demonstrate the variety of skills and equipment the fire service has to offer to protect persons and property in Limerick.<br />
From fires and road traffic accidents to major flooding, river rescues, freak weather conditions and other emergencies, Limerick Fire and Rescue Service works to create a safer society by reducing the incidence of death or injury, damage to property and environmental damage caused by fire and by other emergencies. <br />
The range and complexity of tasks which are undertaken by Limerick Fire and Rescue service continues to expand. In the last number of years responses to hazardous substances and environmental incidents have been added to the fire services scope of operations. In addition there has been a significant increase in the number of road traffic accidents and the range of equipment and procedures, which the fire service operates, continues to expand accordingly. <br />
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Pictures: Sean Curtin Photo.