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23-11-14 <br />
A huge crowd turned out for the switching on of Limerick Christmas Lights on Bedford Row in the city.<br />
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Christmas was magically unwrapped in Limerick with the most enchanting ever switching on of the city’s festive lights to a captivated crowd in the city centre. <br />
Children and parents from across the city, neighbouring counties and even up the West coast and Dublin watched on in wonder at the unfolding launch of the ‘Christmas in Limerick’ spectacular.<br />
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The show capped a year of stunning theatre and performance across Limerick and was put on by Big House Productions, who were also project directors of the biggest street carnival in Ireland this year – the September hosting of the Royal de Luxe extravaganza that attracted 250,000 people to Limerick to see the 25ft tall Granny in the high point of celebrations for its National City of Culture status. <br />
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The thousands who turned up today expecting more of the same were not disappointed as among the highlights of the 45 minute performance was the opening of a Christmas Card to the people of the city and county from Limerick’s favourite Granny herself. <br />
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Pic Sean Curtin Photo.